Primal Carnage Extinction
Patch Notes
Get in the giving spirit! Buy a Christmas Gift and use it in-game - Up to 16 players get an item, and the gift giver receives a RARE item!
What is crafting?
Our Christmas gift to you...
Are you sick of those duplicate Dino skins in your inventory? Really want want to get that Falcon Novaraptor? Are these two statements somehow related? Put those duplicate skins to use! The new Crafting system allows you to trade in your skins to receive an item of the next rarity level!

So how does this work?
It's simple! In-game there is a new tab on the customization screen - Crafting. Once you're in the Crafting screen, you can choose what class of item you wish to craft (Human or Dinosaur), then the rarity to consume (Common, Uncommon or Rare). Select the skins to use in the crafting, press the button, and boom! New skin!

What is crafting?
Can I make something specific?
Of course! Each time you craft an item, you can use an optional modifier. For Dinosaurs you can select a DNA Strand, and for humans you can select a Requisition Order. The result of the crafting will be locked to that class. You can purchase DNA Strands and Requsition Orders from the in-game store individually, or packs for 20% off!

What about Crates?
What is crafting?
If you don't enjoy partaking in a bit of crate opening, you can now put them to use! 5 crates can be turned into a single random Common item on the Trade-In page.

Alpha Predator

In Team Deathmatch, win a round with the most kills as a Dinosaur

Booming Baubles

Get 3 kills with the Ornament Grenade

Common Crafter

Craft a Common Item

Uncommon Crafter

Craft an Uncommon Item

Rare Crafter

Craft a Rare Item

Legendary Crafter

Craft a Legendary Item

Helping Hand

In Team Deathmatch, finish a round with the most assists

Big Game Hunter

In Team Deathmatch, win a round with the most kills as Human

Employee of the Month

In Team Deathmatch, win 10 rounds as part of the Human team

Top Gun

Shoot down 10 Pterosaurs

Roast Turkey

Burn 10 Ovis to death as a Pyro